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FACEBOOK         LINKEDIN      Website Powered by: Jynx Graphix © 2010         MYSPACE           TWITTER         About the Author.       Heather Grant would openly characterize herself by three flaws.                  Impulsiveness, Eccentricity, and Addiction.       Grants ability to overcome her demons and share them with the world make her the exception she is. This newly published author has brought her journey of addiction and chaos to print, spilling even the dirtiest of moments in her first series of books. About the Books.            The first book in the series “ I now Pronounce you Beer and Wife” gives us a reality check into alcohol addiction and the everyday battles of life as an alcoholic. A superb read with a valuable lesson, this Diary is the opener to a trilogy of rediscovery.       The second in the series “There are Plenty of Fish in the Toilet” gives a testimonial of Grants relationships..........................   Heather Grant